The Obsession of Music

Music is a massive part in many lives, whether it be as a musician or as an avid fan of a band, singer or style, it takes us on a journey that stays with us throughout our lives with many roads and paths continually discovered en route.

Having been a Queen fan for many years, buying all their albums, both on vinyl and CD, yes those nearly forgotten formats that some of a new generation see as antiques simply invented to clog up shelves and precious space, I still discover that extra piece of magic as my taste expands. Some songs which I wasn't so keen on in my infant Queen fan days now becoming a firm favourite, Now I'm Here being one such classic.

But the journey of our musical journey goes way beyond just one or two bands or even a genre. Most recently I was taken along to a gig at the fantastic Hammersmith Apollo to watch Matchbox Twenty who were simply fantastic. Yes a new musical obsession begins at age 36. How did I miss this wonderful band? Indeed why aren't they more well known? Or would being known more simply ruin the appeal? The closeness of the Hammersmith Apollo creates a wonderful atmosphere and I remember the time approximately ten years ago watching Dream Theater in that very same venue and thinking the same. So having know rifled through my wife's CD collection and digging out Matchbox Twenty's backlist (including the orginal album 'Yourself or Someone Like You' released as Matchbox 20) I now discover more great tracks to become obsessed by until the next group come along to take me to further musical lands.

So music really is a passion that will never end and indeed never should. However I must say, there really is something extra special about owning albums in their physical format, whether it be on CD, Vinyl or even casette! Yes that now rare format that everyone seemed to hate until it became nearly extinct, just like the VHS and Betamax tapes. While downloading music is indeed a much more space conscious way of storing your favourite bands and singers' works, where is the fun in buying it? The buying of that vinyl or CD you want makes it that bit more special, whether it be online and waiting anxiously by the door for it's arrival or visiting the record store and discovering other curiosities at the same time, turning that one CD in to 4 or 5. Taking a punt on an album due to having that chance to buy it as part of a deal, 3 for 2 or 2 for £10 for instance. So while I won't knock the download option let's make sure we keep those record stores alive and buy those forgotten formats that once in a while and enjoy that physical presence of your favourite band or indeed that new obsession.

Thanks for reading, now to stick my new Rolling Stones CD on, incidentally bought after Matchbox Twenty performed a fantastic version of 'Jumping Jack Flash', and realise I really should have listened to them long before now.

by Rich Coad 

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